Our Competitive Edge

We are the pioneers in wireless security models with the most well-equipped personnel and best tools at our disposal.


We offer the most comprehensive solutions for your company's peace of mind. We always have all the bases covered for that blanket security coverage.


Our implementation systems are so efficient you will never experience a more seamless transition in your business model without any or minimal disruption.


Our solutions will empower your enterprise to achieve its full potential. We put our money where our mouth is an we have what it takes to back our bold claims.

Meet The Team

Here are the top brass that keep the organization functioning like a well-oiled machine
Abe Pollack

Abe Pollack


Abe Pollack is the vibrant, visible, veritable CEO of whitecell.org. He is a veteran in the IT Sector, having served as VP for Security at CyberSuite, Inc.

Martin Devonshire

Martin Devonshire

Security Analyst

Martin "The Eagle" Devonshire is a walking, talking security expert, if there ever was one. Worked with McNorton on many of their in-house projects.

Rita Claxton

Rita Claxton

Graphic Designer

Rita Claxton is the resident Graphic Designer/All Around Artist around the office. She is a gifted artist who can make up designs while simultaneously speaking with a client.

Vinnie Hoult

Vinnie Hoult

Lead Developer

Vinnie Hoult is the resident Senior Lead Developer at whitecell.org. He once joined a hack-a-thon sponsored by Ethical Hackers Guild where he won handily against the best hackers.

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