If you’re looking for a display that has a lot of versatility to offer, accurate colors, 4K resolution capability, then the Acer B286HK is the right one for you.

As many of you already know, I’ve been struggling with the aoc g2460pf for quite some time, and have suffered with dead pixels after having it now for several years.

This simple yet elegant looking monitor displays full 4K resolution, it also represents colors so perfectly accurate. With the price being in the below $500 range, this is quite a steal for a 28-inch display with all the minute adjustments available at your disposal. If you want an amazing display to go with your gaming rig with all its bells and whistles, this should be the perfect choice.

The outer finish is yet another unassuming conundrum of black and grey plastic or metal case, which could fit very well as a work and gaming setup. It comes with huge arms and a beefy base to make it as stable as possible, which allows you to tilt it 5 degrees forward and up to 35 degrees back, and also allows for up and down movement.

The monitor comes in quite on the heavy side at 18.06 pounds compared to others in its class which come in at least a pound lighter. The large base is magnetized steel and can therefore be repurposed as a storage for paper clips, and other stuff to keep your desk more organized.

The monitor looks fine once put together correctly. It is easier said than done, though-putting it all together.  Attaching the arm to the screen is pretty straightforward, but placing the arm onto the solid base takes a lot of jimmying and jockeying before you get it into place. Once secured, though, you might not need (or want) to take it apart ever again, to save you from further frustration.

The monitor comes with a bevy of ports to connect your device. It has the standard DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI or even a mini DisplayPort Connector. It also comes with speakers built into the display, but comes without headphone jacks.

Games played out quite beautifully and seamlessly using this display unit. It came without a hitch, so to speak. And the experience with it was quite pleasurable. It comes with a decent 60Hz refresh rate which works perfectly well for most gaming titles, even for the 4K genre. The colors were amazingly depicted, giving a vivid, vibrant display of realism. The action was also great, without any lag noticeable.


  • Full 4K resolution
  • Vibrant colors
  • Simple, robust interface
  • Helpful bells and whistles


  • Difficult setup
  • Only two simultaneous inputs

The B286HK is also great for displaying digital photographs, landscapes, pictures with great contrast and pictures with high dynamic range (HDR) setting. It proves to be a great output device for video and has great color representation and accuracy and overall sharpness.

The B286HK features a brightness of 206.5 nits, way above the average of 170 nits for this category. It can display 97.2% of the Rec 709 color spectrum, falling just a bit short of 100%. Other monitors can actually exceed 100% on this feature.

It’s menus are easy to navigate, with its user friendly navigation buttons. The number of options is quite staggering, from display modes, orientation, color saturation, among others. You can also control the volume by pressing a button and control it from the onscreen display later. The speakers are quite good considering their built-ins.

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