Our resident Lead Developer Vinnie Hoult has been invited to a Live Hack-A-Thon session which also happens to be a charity drive for the less fortunate children of society. The said event will help raise funds for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity to help them fund their projects for the year. whitecell.org had always been a strong supporter of giving to the less fortunate, especially children who were abandoned by their parents at birth.

There will be many notable names who will also participate in the said event. They will be coming from other companies who also wish to support the Children’s Charity cause. This event has become a regular occurrence ever since it was started 5 years ago, purely as a fun activity, but was so successful and widely watched online, that the organizers decided to make it an annual affair.

The winner of the Hack-A-Thon will receive a plaque from the organizers, while the intended beneficiary, in this case the Children’s Charity, will receive a $50,000 donation on behalf of the winner of the contest. Vinnie has joined the contest 5 years in a row, but unfortunately, has never won it. He hopes to change his luck for this year’s iteration of the fun event.

This is our own simple way of giving back to the community, by sharing our talents to raise funds for their needs, and also to raise public awareness on the need to let children lead happy, normal lives. This will also foster camaraderie among our peers in the business, and hopefully bolster cooperation among ourselves as we gather to help others around us. The likes of Vinnie find pleasure in sharing their time and their talent in order to shed light on those less fortunate members of society who, being so young couldn’t fend off for themselves.

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