The top brass at are invited to attend the annual Security Summit at the Megatrade Hall which will be held on April 5-6. This event is organized by the top security solutions providers in the market today, including Norton Corporation, among others. The event is a regular occasion where security personnel from many companies around the world gather together and discuss everything security-related.

To represent the group our ever-vibrant CEO Abe Pollack and Senior Security Analyst Martin Devonshire will attend the 2-day affair and get the most out of the experience. During the event, there will be hundreds upon hundreds of exhibitors showcasing their products and services to the audience at large. The public has been invited to attend the free event, which will help them decide on the future of their company, security-wise.

This summit is one of the most awaited convergence activities by security experts and companies involved in providing security products and services to the public. The goal of these meetings is to raise the awareness of people in terms of security online and knowing the best practices to follow in order to achieve it.

Companies participating are given the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations, roll out their new products and let people have a first-hand experience at what using their products and services could mean to them. This is a great platform to demonstrate the advantages of using your product to shore up security, or maybe you have a new process or a new way of securing your online assets that the people need to consider in their future implementation of their security systems.

Companies wishing to sponsor and participate in such events are never scarce. Next year, we expect to see more innovations trying to surpass this year’s most notable achievements in the domain of online security.

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