Due to the continuous growth in the online security industry, whitecell.org is experiencing a big jump in the demand for their products and services. In line with this, the company’s CEO feel the need to shore up the existing workforce to cover the need for more products to be developed and serviced. In order to keep up the pace of development and to support the existing resources of our organization, we welcome new people into our group of awesome, talented individuals working together for a singular purpose.

Let’s welcome our newest team members:

Ashley Scott

We welcome Ashley Scott to the group. She is the new Project Coordinator on the morning shift. Previously employed as a Business Analyst at Bryce, Waterhead, Cook, an up-and-coming startup company dealing with Financial Futures. As a Business Analyst, she helped her previous employers make critical business decisions based on her expert assessment. She will figure prominently in her position as she is tasked to make informed decisions for our focus group to base their next initiatives on.

Ashley is a Libra, who loves pizza, light beer, and chips on a Saturday night. She is currently dating a local band vocalist.

Gerald Ingles

Gerald “Iceman” Ingles is the new Security Protocol Engineer of the group. He joins us, after working for the last 5
years as a Software Developer for Trent Micron, Industries. The position he will hold is a newly opened position, which will report directly to the Lead Developer on Security Suites. Gerald is an expert in cracking code and is an erstwhile member of his local hack-a-thon club in their community.

Ingles is a member of Mensa International, and loves wind-surfing and spear fishing in his free time.

Ric Muzino

Ric Muzino is the newest kid on the block. He is a Software Developer who just graduated from Wexler Community College last fall. He has no prior work experience, although he has been dabbling as a freelancer working on side-projects online. He is a young and energetic chap, who never seems to run out of energy.

He is into extreme sports like trail biking, motocross and skateboarding. He loves having bacon with his donuts every morning.

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